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Ile Abiamo Birth Services

Natural Childbirth Services

Midwifery Care

We as midwives believe that you are in a state of wellness in pregnancy, not a state of emergency.

We also believe you set the pace and control what you want in place for you to birth your child, whether that is in the comfort of your own home or in the birth center.

Our job is to monitor and redirect if you veer off course, not chart the path for you. Most mothers, when left to allow natural instincts and rhythms take over, birth very well with no or minimal intervention.

My goal as a midwife is to provide you the best care possible in a safe and effective way, to hear your wishes and heart's desire and to do everything we can to help you birth safely, in the way you feel is best.

You can be in the water, on the bed, in the hallway, or even the kitchen (you wouldn't be the first!) Whatever you choose is right for you.  

The services available are:

  • Full midwifery, prenatal, postpartum, birth attendance, and newborn care for 6 weeks, for home and birth center birth
  • Partial midwifery care, prenatal and post partum care, with mother choosing in advance to deliver at the hospital.
  • Occasional visits for supplemental care, but birthing with another provider at another facility.

I look forward to helping you in anyway I can!!