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Ile Abiamo Birth Services

Natural Childbirth Services

Pricing and Insurance

The one question i hear from clients most often is: Do you accept my insurance?

The short answer is: As long as its a PPO, and midwifery care is part of your plan (most plans do cover it), yes.

The longer more complex answer is : Yes, and due to reforms in in insurance tort law, here is how we can make it work for you. Should you decide to use your insurance your deductible and co-insurance will be collected during the course of your care and placed in your account. At the end of your care your insurance will be billed for all actual care performed for you and your baby. In many cases, this will clear your balance with the practice and you will be done! Should the insurance reimbursement not be enough to clear your account, you will be responsible for the balance of the charges.

I am the owner of Homestead Natural Birth Center, in Modesto, CA.  All patients, whether planned homebirth or planned birth center birth will be offered the services of the staff of the birth center, which includes: lactation consultation with an IBCLC, assessment and treatment by a crano-sacral therapist (CST), and8 hours of an in home postpartum helper.



If you have active MEDI-CAL we do offer a discount, but you must maintain active MEDi-CAL throughout your pregnancy.

There are many ways to make this scenario work for the individual. If you have financial hardships, please contact Jessica and we will see how we can make it work.  We contract with a finance company who can also make this work for you, and in house payment plans are offered.

There is a one time non-refundable deposit paid at the onset of total midwifery care in the amount of $500. If you make payments throughout the course of your pregnancy and care is terminated, either by the midwife or by yourself, you are entitled to your money back minus the deposit for any unprovided care up to that point. Hospital transports do not affect your postpartum care in the slightest. We stay right with you!

Payment forms accepted are: Check, Credit Cards, and of course, good ole cash.  HSA is also welcome.

We now offer FINANCING!! Please click the link below for more information. Note: this is a separate compay who will be providing financing to you for your midwifery care, so you will visit another site if you click this link. :-)