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Ile Abiamo Birth Services

Natural Childbirth Services

               Waterbirth is one of the best parts of out of hospital birth. Early in my training, I watched women experience so much relief and relaxation by being in the water, I decided to dedicate a portion of my training to it! I received my Certification in Specialized Waterbirth from Waterbirth International in Seattle, Washington, and had the pleasure of learning from Barbara Harper herself, the nation’s leading proponent and educator regarding waterbirth.   

             Not all mamas deliver in the water, but most mothers like the option of laboring in the water. It can be a very relaxing way to deal with the more intense parts of labor.

Waterbirth tubs are available in the rooms at the birth center. If you would like to do waterbirth at home, a tub will be provided to you at 37 weeks. You will be required to purchase  hose and an adapter to fill the tub. I will bring a pump to drain the water for you!

               Waterbirth is a lovely and gentle way to welcome you baby into the world. If you have more questions about it, please feel free to ask.