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Ile Abiamo Birth Services

Natural Childbirth Services

Well Woman Care

Well woman care is a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy life. Whether you are a cycling female or have reached the next level of non-cycling, yearly exams are important.

Did you know a Well Woman exam is more than just a pap smear?

Its true! A well woman exam consists of blood work, a full physical, and nutritional counseling. This is your yearly opportunity to make sure that you are healthy so you can take care of the ones you love the most.

Well Woman Exam- This is a one hour visit that includes:

  • Basic physical
  • Pelvic exam and Pap Smear
  • Discussion of reproduction and pelvic health
  • Referral for blood work
  • 30 minute follow up visit to discuss lab results

Labs are not included, but are usually paid for by your Health Insurance.

Cost : $200 and the cost of labs if your insurance doesn't cover it.

Do you have something hormone related going on?

Throughout our years we will experience many, many hormonal fluctuations, and in the hundreds of processes that happen daily in the female body, things can sometimes go awry. Pinpointing these things can be challenging, even in conventional medicine. One way we can address these issues is using the theory of Functional Medicine. Slowly gaining popularity, Functional Medicine is the concept of looking at the whole person, as opposed to the set of symptoms and creating a strategy for making them well.

Sometimes we can address those issues with nutritional and herbal supplementation.

Sometimes we need to refer to allopathic medicine for a different course. Whichever you choose, knowing the issue is first and foremost.

Well Woman Endocrine Wellness

This exam consists of all the components of the basic well woman exam, and includes the following:

  • 90 minute systems wellness exam
  • 1 hour follow up visit
  • all endocrine labs, andrenal, estrogens, testosterone, progesterones, and cortisols
  • CBC and Basic Metabolic blood work
  • Strategy for dealing with your particular issue.
Cost: $345.00, (cost of all labs are included)